White Tiger Kajukenbo School of Hawaiian Martial Artist

School Name: White Tiger Kajukenbo School of Hawaiian Martial Artist
Chief Instructor: Sifu Kimo Brossman
Location: 127 North Eighth Street
Suite 100
Lebanon, PA  17046
Phone #: 717-926-4947
Class Times:
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
CLOSED Private Lessons 6:30P-7:30pm Keiki Kajukenbo (Ages 3-12)
8:00P - 9:00Pm: Makua Kajukenbo (Ages 13-55)
Private Lessons 6:30P - 7:30P: Keiki Kajukenbo (Ages 5-12)
8:00P - 9:00P: Makua Kajukenbo (Ages 13-55)
Private lessons 10:00am-12:00pm Makua Kajukenbo (Ages 13-55)
12:30-1:30pm keiki tournament team practice.
1:30-2:30pm makua tournament team practice.
Description: We commit to enhancing our community and its citizens by upholding standards of excellence that inspire students to see beyond their current potential and reach new levels of personal success by setting goals and achieving them, building character and improving confidence and self-esteem. We, as a school, will provide inspiration to our community by living as examples throughout our daily lives.