McDuffy's Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute

School Name: McDuffy's Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute
Chief Instructor: Cliff McDuffy Jr.
Asst. Instructors: Sifu Terrence McDuffy, Sifu Chance McDuffy, Sifu Alex McDuffy
Location: 311 North La Brea Ave
Corner of La Brea and Beach
Inglewood, CA  90302
Phone #: 310-677-5258
Class Times:
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Closed Beg 4:30p
Warriors 6pm
Adult 7pm
Warriors 5pm
Beg Kids 5:30
Kickboxing 7p
Beg 4:30p
Warriors 6pm
Adult 7pm
Warrior 5p
Beg 4:30p
Kickboxing 7p
Beg 5:15p
Adult 7p
Warriors 10am

All Belts 10:30a
Description: Instruction includes Street Fighting Self Defense Techniques as well as Competitive Tournament Fighting and Kata. Old School Hard Style of Kajukenbo.